We Discovered a Hidden Camera… (We're Being Watched!)

We Discovered a Hidden Camera... (We're Being Watched!)

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It’s time to talk about security again at Hi5 Studio as the idea of placing some more cameras in different blindspots that might throw the Stalker off is floating around as the team recaps everything that’s been going on in previous videos, especially having to do with the case under the stairs. After going back to Red Base warehouse and checking out said LAPD safe again, Matt makes a rather disturbing discovery–which is saying something considering what’s been found so far–and the team has to pivot to now deal with this new information in a safe way, for themselves and everyone else at the studio.

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00:00 – Recap from previous videos as well as a sneak peak at what’s to come.
00:42 – Studio Mascot? – While trying to discuss what’s been going on around the studio, the team is also juggling the possibility of a spider infestation.
01:56 – More Security (Again) – The topic of more cameras is brought up again, this time as a way to throw off the Stalker and be one step ahead.
07:27 – Blindspots? – Matt goes to ask around to see if there are areas around the studio that wouldn’t be seen on cameras and then takes a walk-thru to see where new cameras are, especially in the warehouse.
09:40 – Why Did He Leave It? – Considering the case was left, it’s safe to assume that the Stalker will probably return for what he left in the studio. So the question is then posed: where can they place inconspicuous cameras where they can capture clear details that he wouldn’t expect?
12:01 – This Isn’t Funny Anymore… – Matt makes a terrifying discovery when checking out the LAPD case, something that changes the game entirely.
13:45 – Time To Talk – The team has some very serious conversations about what Matt just found and what that may mean considering the safety of the studio and its employees as well as the investigation itself.
17:59 – We Found A Safe Space In Hi5 Studios – Once in Orange Base, they start to discuss how they can use this as a rare opportunity to lure the Stalker in and possibly get some incriminating evidence that can be used and brought to the police.
26:39 – Setting The Trap – With their “amazing” acting skills, the team baits the Stalker (in case he’s currently listening) in order to come back to the Studio that night, hoping to catch a break-in on camera.
29:26 – NEXT TIME

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Video We Discovered a Hidden Camera… (We're Being Watched!)

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