Best of AGV 2020 Collection Road Test –

Best of AGV 2020 Collection Road Test -

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AGV K 1:
AGV has entered the market with a very affordable sports helmet. The K-1 is the successor of the popular K-3. The AGV K-1 full face helmet has the advantages of AGV racing technology and a very good price-quality ratio. The helmet shell is made of polycarbonate. And comes in two different sizes to reduce the weight in the smaller sizes. The helmet has a sporty spoiler that contributes to stability at very high speeds. And of course the spoiler also contributes to the sporty appearance of the helmet. The micro opening system of the visor makes it possible to drive with the visor ajar. This prevents condensation on the visor and allows extra air to enter, which is welcome on hot days. The helmet is suitable for people wearing glasses. The counterparts of the K-1 are the HJC IS-17 and the Shark Skwal 2

AGV X 3000:
The AGV X3000 is a modern version AGV full face helmet based on the racing helmet of the Italian racing legend from the 60s and 70s, Giacomo Agostini. At AGV they have copied the racing helmet, of multi-world champion Agostini, with this design. That was AGV’s first full face helmet that they designed in collaboration with Agostini. With the technological development of AGV this retro helmet is elevated to the quality level of today, in terms of safety and comfort. The outer shell of the X3000 comes in 3 sizes. This makes the helmet very compact with an optimal fit. Furthermore, the X3000 has a specifically shaped chin part, on special request from Agostini at the time. The helmet is also available as a Limited Edition Replica of the Agostini racing helmet. The weight of the X3000 helmet is around 1350 grams. Comparable helmets in the retro segment are the AGV X70 and the Shoei Ex-Zero.

AGV K 6:
This AGV K6 promises to be a versatile sports and touring helmet, so we have taken it apart and see what it’s got. The AGV K6 is a premium helmet that caters to pretty much any kind of rider out there. The sleek profile is and strong ventilation is sporty enough for pretty much anyone on the road but the inner liner will keep you comfortable after a full day of touring, making it a top contender amongst sport touring motorcycle helmets. So where does it fit in? Well coming in at 430 Euro or about 480 Euro at the RRP, it sits just above the K5 S and a good 300 Euro below the Corsa R.

AGV Sport Modular:
AGV has come with the lightest and strongest modular helmet ever. It is a modular helmet with the qualities of a Full-Face helmet and the comfort of a Modular helmet. That makes this Modular helmet the most sporty of all system helmets. In addition to the entire shell, the Sportmodular’ s chin piece – in contrast to its competitors – consists of 100% carbon. The safety of this helmet is copied from the AGV Pista GP R. The smallest shell has a super lightweight of no less than 1295 gr. This helmet has been tested in the wind tunnel and this results in an extremely quiet modular helmet that behaves exceptionally stable at high speeds. This is an ideal helmet for the sporty touring rider who wants the best in terms of safety and comfort.

The AGV Pista GP RR. This helmet serves as a replacement to the Pista GP R, and as the name suggests, there aren’t too many changes. Instead we get a refinement of AGV’s top racing helmet and with the RR, you get the latest replicas from the Moto GP. The big question is the recommended retail price though and the Pista RR starts at 1250 Euro or just under 1400 USD. So it is pretty much inline with the older Pista GP R and of course, this helmet represents the best of the best.

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